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Posted by Ramesh on May 4, 2013


This is the Place for which Haridwar is well-known for, its a customize place build for the tourists to take bath in holy river Ganga. The river flows here with very high-speed and therefore there is provision of iron chains for holding during bath, On the Bank is Ganga Temple were Hindu rituals are performed. Evening Aarti of Goddess Ganga at sunset around 7:30 pm  is most blissfully sought after by pilgrims.

An evening view of Harkipauri

An evening view of Harkipauri

Ganga ghat at harkipauri

Ganga ghat at harkipauri



It is said that river Ganga is in its purest form here, as it reaches prithvi (Earth) after flowing through the mountains. Therefore it symbolize purest holy bath than any other places in river Ganga.  Kanwarias (Shiva bhakt) come here from different parts of  Uttrakhand to take holy Ganga jal in Sravan Mas and Shivaratri.

The temple side of ghat has market full of shops and small dhabas/restaurants and hotels.  The market streets are full crowded all the time  with pilgrims and tourists. A long street(2 km) upto Haridwar railways station is full of small shops selling puja items, wood and metal works, sea snail products,woolen items etc etc. Walking on the streets itself give a holy feeling of pilgrimage.

The other side of ghat has some open space but are also crowded by visitors most of the time. There is a big Parking area near the by pass road, one has to walk or take rickshaw from here to go to ghat the distance is 1/2 km.

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